purchase door stop alarm kit

urbansafetysolutions.com Urban Safety Solutions Personal Security Alarm Kit | Urban Safety …

One high-quality Door Stop Alarm. Get your urban survival kit today from Urban Safety Solutions and walk safely into your first days of college. With your …


urbansafetysolutions.com Super Door Stop Alarm | Urban Safety Solutions

Get discount Code … College Safety Kit (1) … Use the SUPER DOOR STOP ALARM as an entry alarm and to block a door from being opened.


urbansafetysolutions.com Xtreme Urban Survival Kit $68 With Discount Code | Urban Safety …

… Survival Kit contains contains one black Spike Stun Gun 20 Million Volt, one Wildfire 1.4% MC 2 oz Sticky Pepper Gel and one Super Door Stop Alarm.


urbansafetysolutions.com Urban Safety Solutions Personal Safety Alarm Kit | Urban Safety …

When you get back to your dorm room, hotel room, or apartment, … A door stop alarm will not only set off an alarm but will also prevent an intruder from …


urbansafetysolutions.com Non Lethal Personal Safety Devices For Urban Women

Search Our Full Line Of Stun Guns, Pepper Sprays, Personal Alarms, … I feel so much safer after buying the little door and window alarms from you.


urbansafetysolutions.com Urban Safety Solutions Black Owned Self Defense Kit | Urban Safety …

The doorstop alarm, for instance, prevents the entry of intruders into your home. With such a device installed, a black woman might never have to use a …


urbansafetysolutions.com Do Personal Safety Alarms Work? | Urban Safety Solutions

A personal alarm is a must-have in the urban female self-defense kit … door accessories, and/or spray to help deter or stop an attacker or intruder.


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