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thugbusters.com Law and Restrictions | ThugBusters

Consult your local law enforcement or an attorney Handgunlaw.us is a good site for up-to-date information. ILLINOIS – ***NEW *** Stun Guns and TASERs no longer …


patch.com ThugBusters, NY LLC – Rochester, NY Patch

Protect yourself and loved ones with a stun gun or taser. … Our students told us about their clinical sites in sketchy areas, and we decided to find some …


thugbusters.com Taser® Pulse+ With Emergency GPS Notification | ThugBusters

You can now buy this TASER Pulse+ in NY, NJ, PA and Hawaiisend! The new TASER Pulse+ sends your GPS coordinates to 911 when fired! The TASER Pulse+ adds the …


www.amazon.com Customer Questions & Answers – Amazon.com

VIPERTEK VTS-T03 – Aluminum Series 59 Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun … ThugBusters ships to all US addresses except Hawaii, Rhode Island and the city of …


thugbusters.com Mace Pepper Sprays-The #1 Name In Safety | ThugBusters

NY residents may ship to another state, such as VT, MA, CT, NJ, PA. … Now Shipping Stun Guns and Tasers to Hawaii – Click Here! Search for:


www.amazon.com what if you want to buy a stun gun but amazon won’t ship it to your …

they wont ship this legal stun gun to me in my legal state pa. to own … Buy it from the Vipertek site directly until Amazon catches up with the new law.


thugbusters.com Pepper Sprays Are A Girl’s Best Friend | ThugBusters

ThugBusters Premium Trigger Stun Gun Flashlight with Disable Pin … New York residents may ship to another state, such as VT, MA, CT, NJ, PA, etc.


www.vipertek.com Vipertek Wholesale and Retail Self Defense Products Stun Guns …

The official website of Vipertek brand products. Manufacturer of self defense products – stun guns, tasers, handcuffs, tazers, batons and pepper spray.


www.quora.com Can I order a taser from Amazon.com to NY even though tasers are …

Here are some sites that will send a stun gun to you: … We (ThugBusters) ship to NYC as well as the rest of NY, and have exhibited at many events around …


twitter.com ThugBusters (@ThugBusters1) / Twitter

ThugBusters, LLC is on a crusade to help keep women and college students safe. … ThugBusters Stun Guns and Tasers @ Country Folk Art Show at the NY State …


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